Small Modular Event Stand

  • £300.00
  • Perfect for exhibitions, food festivals, events and general stalls. Fully modular so can be displayed with all crate bases front facing, rear facing or a mixture of the two , perfect for transportation. Can be branded with company logo, simple text, or an editable printed logo option.  Available in 3 shades   See more in the description below:

The smaller of our two modular event stands, we also have customers who use these as permanent store counters and reception desks.

Totally versatile you can display your products outward facing towards customers or spin them round to have storage at the back of the units.  Logo is applied to base of 2 front facing crates only.  Contact us if you require a larger, or multiple print area prior to ordering.

Upload or Email your company logo to:  - ai vector artwork file preferred wherever possible.  Email your logo for us to check print compatibility prior to ordering if you are at all unsure.

We can also help design a bespoke unit that fits your needs, please let email us to discuss your requirements.

Email your company logo to: